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Limetree Clinic by Joanna Janssen

Massage in Andover

We now offer Myofascial Release

Fascia is an unbroken structure which covers our entire body and is located between the skin and the underlying muscle and bone. As well as connecting and supporting organs, muscles and bones, it acts as a transportation system carrying blood, nerves and lymph. 


When healthy, the fascia is supple and unrestricted. However, if physical trauma such as a sports injury, car accident or fall is experienced, the fascia tightens and becomes constrained. Long-term trauma to the body, including poor posture and repetitive strain injuries can have the same effect. Emotional trauma and stress also place restrictions on the fascia. When the fascia is hindered in its normal function, a range of symptoms can be experienced including pain and limited movement, which affects our everyday lives. 

If untreated, because the entire fascia structure is interrelated, over time, the pain and restrictions may spread to other parts of the body. 

Myofascial release is a technique which can be employed to manipulate the fascia, enabling pain to be relieved and the fascia to be returned to its’ proper function.



Limetree clinic

Hi, my name is Joanna Janssen and I am the owner of the Limetree clinic. I gained my qualifications at the Serenity beauty academy in London. I am fully qualified in Swedish, hot Stone massage, hot oil massage and aroma therapy. Over the last few year I have further gained qualifications in Facial massage and skincare, and more recently massages specifically designed for pregnant woman. I am currently training under Sue Perry to gain qualifications in Myofascial Release and Integrative Soft Tissue work. So whether you are looking to relax and unwind after a busy day, or are in need of pain relief Joanna has the treatment for you. 

Massage in Andover


A brief introduction to our services. For a full list and prices see the menu or click below.

Massage in Newbury

Swedish Massage

Relax, de-stress and get rid of toxins with a Swedish massage. Ancient techniques combined with modern physiology help to increase the flow of oxygen in your blood and release toxins from your muscles. Back and neck or full body. Hot stone, aromatherapy or hot oil massages. Get ready to relax, replenish and rejuvenate with Joanna

Facials in Newbury

Eve Tayler Facials

Pure pampering designed to treat the skin and ensure complete relaxation. This gorgeous  facial includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliating, steam, massage, peel off mask, tone and moisturise. Ultimate pampering by Joanna, using the world renowned Eve Taylr products.

Pregnancy massage v

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is similar in many ways to a normal massage, the main difference being that massage techniques used in pregnancy are adapted to maintain the wellbeing of mother and child. Techniques vary from firmer massages to relieve discomfort, or softer massages to help relax the expectant mother.

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Two Nine O Five

40 London Road

RG14 1LA Newbury



Opening Hours


1000 am – 18.00


1000 am – 18.00

Gosia Hamilton, Andover

The best massage I have ever had now in Newbury town centre!
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